A stereotypical, cliché picture of London.

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It is the setting for several adventures and games, as well as an ideal location for intrigue due to its long history and rich culture.

Due to the familiarity of the city (for a lot of the League of Random Heroes live in London), it is often used as the setting for adventures.



In Aberrant, London reflects Britain's nova-hating isolationism extremely well. Unlike most other metropolises of Nova 2008, London has degenerated back to the grime and social raucousness of the Thatcher Era. Strikes, riots and social ill-ease are common.

Jarvis Ackles worked as a curator for the Science Museum before taking on his career in Project Utopia.

Façade worked for MI6 here before taking on his career in Project Utopia.

Angelina White works as an archaeologist for the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Mage: the AscensionEdit

In Mage: the Ascension, London is a highly-populated slightly gothic metropolis, in keeping with the rest of the World of Darkness. London is the home to many supernatural groups and associations, mostly leaving each other alone to pursue their own careers.

Her Majesty's Royal Ethernautical Society has an old office suite here, on Greek Street in Soho. Jarvis Ackles and Julia Jones live and work here.

The Nine Dragons Dojo is based here, above an old community gym in Whitechapel. Ryo Kusao trains here.

Grimm's Occult Curiosity Shop has a branch here, opposite the British Museum, where Ted Barnes currently lives and works. He worked in an office in the City before he Awakened.

Professor Pete works here, teaching physics at Imperial College.

Bryn Fryer lives here, training for the Olympics.

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